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My Astro Images.

Welcome to “My Astro Images”.  These are some of the astro pics I have taken over the last 20 years, starting with the oldest few in my collection.  Most are print film with exception of the Jupiter-Moon Occultation, they were digital images through a scope.  Not bad hey?  Have a look and I hope you enjoy them.

Above and Right - My first astrophotos.  The star trail above was taken on Kodak 100 film back in 1986 using a Zenith SLR camera, 50mm lens and a 5 minute exposure.  It was taken from Maryborough Vic.  The lunar shot to the right was taken through my first scope, a Focal 3” Catadioptic using eyepiece projection and the same film from memory.

Left - Star Trail taken from the LMDSS in Heathcote around 1990.  I think it was Kodak Ektar 1000 film and around a 45 minute exposure.  The LMC and SMC are visible at about 4 o’clock.

Above - Martin Rudd, Me, Roger Vodicka and Lance Kelly at the Police Paddocks, Dandenong for the Moon Jupiter Occultation.



Right - One of my first guided photographs.  This was taken with my old Zenith camera, 50mm lens at f2.0 with 200 asa film.


The camera was piggybacked on the back of my 2nd telescope a 5” Vixen Super Polaris.  It was a 5 minute exposure taken from Craigieburn back in the days when there was not a lot of light pollution there.




Below Left - Roger Vodicka and David Batten silhouetted at Heathcote in 1988.

Left - 10 min hand guided photo with same Zenith camera, 50mm f2.0 lens guided on my vixen mount.  Much nebulosity visible around Orion area inc Barnards Loop.


Below Left - LMC 10 min hand guided with 135mmf2.8 telephoto on Ektar 1000 film.  Taken from LMDSS in 1991


Below Right - Eta Carina area taken from Ringwood, Vic using a 135mm f2.8 telephoto and 7 minutes of hand guiding on Kodak Gold 400 film.  This film had quite a good red response at the time whereas the Ektar (below left) did not seem to.

Below Left - 135mm f2.8 shot of Orion Neb area and surrounds.  This was another shot taken on the same roll of film as the LMC shot above, 10min hand guided also.     Below Right - Rho Ophiuchus area taken on Konika 3200 film.  135mm f2.8, 5 min guided.

The Aurora Section. 


Top Left - Nov 29-30 2000 at KooWeeRup. 

Above - 7 Nov 2000 from Cranbourne.

Left - Aurora from Pakenham, date unknown.

Above - Some pics of the Jupiter Moon conjunction on 27 Feb 2005 taken from the Dandenong Police Paddocks.


Below - All three shots below were hand guided shots using a OM2s.  28mm lens, f2.8 and 10 minute exposures.  Kodak Ektar 1000 film was used and all shots were taken from the LMDSS at Heathcote.


Hope you enjoyed my astrophoto section.  I have many more, but was space limited with my ISP, so I put on what I could.


I have a little space left, but I am saving that for future photographs.


Thanks for having a look.


Adam Marsh.

Total Lunar Eclipse, Cobram, Victoria - 28th August 2007.


Below are some of my images from the total lunar eclipse from the 28th of August 2007.  Had a lot of fun taking these shots and they came up pretty well considering they are just through the camers’s zoom lens.  The camera used is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7 6mp camera.  No digital Zoom used.  Exposures and f settings varied, but, to reduce grain and noise, all pics were taken using an ASA setting of 80. 


I had a little trouble with the cameras manual focus, but managed to work out that infinity is not quite infinity on the camera, but about 3 clicks back on the manual focus button.!  The camera is fitted with a 12X zoom (equates to about 420mm telephoto).  All shots were taken with this zoom level, the differing sizes of the pictures is just the way I have edited them and I didn’t have time to fix it.



Hope you enjoy the series of pics.

The final shot (right) was taken with the settings:


432mm telephoto equivalent


1.6 sec exp


F: 3.6


Taken just after the Moon had entered full eclipse.


I like this shot, This and the first appeal to me the most.

My Comet McNaught Images.

I have reduced my McNaught images to one photo, and replaced them with my Total Lunar Eclipse images.  This photo I feel was the best one I took.

The photo was a 1 minute exposure with a 50mm lens set at f1.8 using an Olympus OM2s camera.  The second was taken after the comet had set at about 23.30 AEST.

Comet McNaught Images by Geoff Carstairs.