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Welcome to my web site.


I have built this page to display some of my latest astrophotos and observations.  I will also feature some upcoming important astronomical events, especially focusing on Meteor Astronomy.


Enjoy the pics and info.










































































Click EAMN icon to head to the EAMN Homepage

Click EAMN icon to head to the EAMN Homepage

Puppid-Velids Meteor Shower.


The Puppid-Velids meteor shower is active from September until around the middle of February.  It is a very large and complex region of smaller meteor showers with many sub maxima.  The shower can peak from anywhere between 5 and 20 meteors per hour several times during this period.




The above link is to a detailed information sheet for the shower.  Please down load the form and see how you can contribute to the pool of knowledge for this much understudied meteor shower.


Tocumwal Observing Fests....


Over the course of the last 2 years, our core group of “Astronomy All-Stars” has been holding mini star party’s at Tocumwal named “Toc Observing Fests”.  We have ran 14 so far, better than one every two months and plan to continue them indefinitely.  Lots of fantastic Deep Sky, Planetary and Meteor observing has been done on these occasions as well as some fantastic Astrophotography. 


The main observers featuring at these events are myself, Geoff Carstairs, Richard Pollard, Lance Kelly, Marty Rudd and Phil Snelling.  Also making an appearance have been Shane Majoros and Chris Grummett.


Please see the ASTRONOMY ALL-STARS page for profiles on our “Astronomy All-Stars” team.


Below are a few photos from the latest Observing Fests.  Enjoy.

Deniliquin Astronomy Club....


The Deniliquin Astronomy Club was formed late in 2007.  It has held several meetings in the Deniliquin area and several observing nights.  Currently the club is operating on a limited basis after the founder, Scott Williams moved away from the area.  The link below is to the Deniliquin Astronomy Club’s Myspace page.


Please direct any enquiries you may have to