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General Astronomy and Meteor Astronomy Links.

The IMO (International Meteor Organisation) Home Page  -  Homepage of the IMO.  Info on meteor observing, meteor stream analysis and upcoming stream information.

EAMN Newsgroup Website  -  Link to EAMN (Eastern Australian Meteor Network) Newsgroup at Yahoo Groups.

AAAON Newsgroup Website - Link to AAAON (Australian Amateur Astronomical Observers Network) Newsgroup at Yahoo Groups

Bureau Of Meteorology Australia  -  Plan out your trip with a visit to the Bureau of Meteorology Homepage.  Many links to satellite images and weather watch radars.


Sky Online's Meteor Page  -  Sky and Telescopes meteor page.  Good page with general information.  Information on streams.  Easy to use information.  Links to other meteor pages.

NAMN Homepage  -  The homepage of the North American Meteor Network (NAMN).  Lots of information is provided including information on how to observe, limiting magnitude charts, observations and other links. A mailing list is also accessible from here, see the next link below.

'Meteorobs' mailing list  -  'Meteorobs' or the 'NAMN mailing list' is a mailing lsit dedicated to amateur meteor astronomers. All aspects of the science (and art) of meteor astronomy can be discussed here.  Follow the link to see how to subscribe, if you like.  There can be a fair amount of e-mail from time to time, but a digest version is available.

Meteor Showers  -  This is a fantastic page for information on meteor streams.  The page 'Comets and Meteor Showers' by Gary W Kronk provides heaps of info on the subject including a page on meteor showers with a list of 120 meteor streams in detail, both major and minor.

Michael Bochat's Links  -  Michael Bochat's Astronomy Page provides hundreds of links worldwide on astronomy sites. This is a terrific site if you need to find something astronomy related on the internet.  All sites are listed in alphabetical order.

Astronomy Magazine  -  Astronomy Magazine home page.

Sky Online  -  Ran by Sky Publishing Corporation.  Many links, including one to Sky and Telescope magazine.

Quasar Publishing - Publishers of the fantastic “Astronomy - Your Guide To The Night Sky”.  A new edition every year with ephemeris and events for the year.  Order your copy directly from Quasar Publishing.  This is a great observers companion when planning your observing.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Great astro pics, new one every day.  Many more in the archive. - News and information about the Sun-Earth environment.

Astronomical Society and Members Pages.

Richards Astropage  -  Astronomy website produced by one of the EAMN’s prominent observers, Richard Pollard.  Richard is also the owner and moderator of the EAMN Newsgroup at Yahoo Groups.


Listing of Australian Astronomical Societies - This link is via the Quasar Publishing site and is a fantastic listing of Astronomical Societies around Australia.  Check this one out for a group near you.  Thanks to Quasar Publishing.


MPAS - Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society.  Based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, they are a very friendly and welcoming society, with many experienced observers keen to help new members.  If you are considering an Astronomical Society in Victoria, the MPAS could well be your first port of call.


Southern Comets Homepage This page has info on Past, Present and Future comets visible from the southern hemisphere, comet observing information and much more.  Definitely worth a look.  This page is ran by Michael Mattiazo.

On this page, we feel, are some great links to follow for information on meteor astronomy and astronomy in general.  The pages they take you to will often have links of their own to other sites.  A brief description on each site is provided to assist you.