Meteor Photography.

Meteors captured on film provide a permanent record that visual observations cannot provide.  Much information may be gained from photographs, and the reporting of such photos is of importance.  Wide angle lenses and fast films are required for success.  Lenses of focal length about 50mm and focal ratios of f/1.2 to f/2 are efficient to use in capturing meteors.  It should also be noted that meteors of a magnitude no fainter than +1 are normally captured on a film.  This is mainly due to the meteors short duration in the sky.  Meteors captured on film should be reported to the Director.  Any streaks recorded on photos may be meteor trails, and reporting them is greatly appreciated.  Reciprocity failure (leading to a drop in effective film speed) may be significant if long exposures are used.

The IMO page on photography provides the best information on this subject.  Follow the link below if you would like some more information.



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