Adam Marsh’s Astronomy Pages

My Deep Sky Observing.

Well, in the last 2 years or so since my last update, I have purchased a basic 12” Dob and got back into the Deep-Sky observing in a big way.  The dob is a GSO brand and has a fantastic optical set.  On this page I have included a link to the observing forms I use, which have undergone refinement over the years and some images of my observatory and scope.


Also included are some scans of sketches I have done over the years, including some solar sketches.

The above link “General Observing Forms” is to a zip file containing the latest versions of the forms I use to record my general observations, ie, everything that is not meteor observing.  I think you may find the forms useful.


Below are some of my observations.  I don’t always sketch what I see, but if I really like the object, I will either photograph it or sketch it.