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Important News - ASV Meteor Section Disbanded.

The ASV Meteor Section has been disbanded by the ASV (Astronomical Society of Victoria).  For reasons that, as yet, have not been explained to us, the ASV’s council has made the decision to disallow the continuation of the section within the society.


As a result, the decision has been made to transfer all meteor related activities to the EAMN and expand the group to encompass meteor observing across the entire country.


Negotiations are continuing, however, a reasonable outcome may be unlikely.


We thank the MPAS (Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society) for their support over the last few weeks, as we also thank all members of the EAMN.  Please forward any observations or enquiries through the EAMN site (New link on main page).




The members of the former ASVMS have held a meeting with the ASV in order to talk about the re-establishment of the ASVMS.


The talks were successful, and according to our information, the ASVMS will be reformed in the very near future (by the end of 2007)


Correspondence is continuing and it is believed a fair outcome will be reached.




Turns out the talks were not so successful, with the section being disbanded.  It has since been reformed, however, myself, Geoff Carstairs, Lance Kelly and Roger Vodicka have decided it is not in our best interests to continue with the ASV, and have not renewed our memberships.


We decided that the general climate with the ASV was not compatable with the extent and type of practical astronomy we are conducting, especially in the field of meteor astronomy.


The EAMN continues however, and is still conducting valuable observations and research.



Please check our site for more information in the near future.