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Reporting to the EAMN


The ASV Meteor Section has a number of forms which it uses to log information on meteors and fireballs.

After the ASV Meteor Section receives observations they are transferred to IMO reporting forms and sent to the IMO in  Germany.  There are a number of forms available to use.  The one below is one of the easiest and most comprehensive.  The  forms currently in use include: Frequency, General (Mag Colour Train), Stream Frequency, Photographic, Video and Fireball forms.

Below is a link to a ZIP file containing a set of these forms in Word 2003 format and included in the set is are the IMO reporting forms.  There is further information in the Meteor Kit on filling out these forms.

The alternative to sending paper forms is to use the Meteor Reporting Software, the link is on the main page and I have included it below.  Once the report is generated by the program, it can then be sent by email to us.

You can send observations to the EAMN at eamn@netspace.net.au or Lance Kelly at sirlance@bigpond.net.au