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Images of the EAMN


This page is dedicated to some of the images and faces of the EAMN

Left - Adam Marsh (Me) Coordinator EAMN.

Left - Marty Rudd one of our prominent observers and an audio/visual genius!!



Below - ASVMS meeting at Pakenham.† From left to right, Lance Kelly, Roger Vodicka, myself, Marty Rudd and Richard Pollard


Above - Shane Majoros (my brother).† Shane is a regular observer with our group and attends many of the trips


Right - Current section director at the start of 2007, Lance Kelly.


Below - Marty in the desert with his old Subaru in Woomera for the 1998 Leonids trip.


Below Right - Myself and Marty also in the desert on the same trip.

Below - Some of the crew on the way to the Woomera 1998 Leonids Trip.† David Girling, Geoff Carstairs and Shane.

Although we are the meteor section, we also ran a trip to the 2002 Total Solar Eclipse.† Sides and below are images from our trip including a lovely montage from Marty Rudd.


Below and below right - Some of our group enjoying some recreational drinks on a clouded out trip at Heathcote.† Our trips also are a great time to catch up, as our members are scattered around the city and state.

Below - The ASVís Leon Mow Dark Sky Site at Heathcote North, Vic, Aust.† Our goup runs many of its yearly trips to this site to observe streams like the Eta Aquarids, Orionids, Leonids, etc.

ASVís Heathcote site (the early days) before the clubrooms and other constructions were in place, our group was running trips to this site for most meteor shower events.


Right - The bunkrooms at the ASV Heathcote site as they are today.† There are a total of 16 beds to sleep in and plenty of camping area on the 40 acre site.